Editor's Buzz

 HAPPY NATIONAL QUILTING MONTHQBees,March is National Quilting Month and this brought to mind the open hearts of quilters to individuals and communities in need.  One year ago the world was in shock after the natural disaster of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Thousands perished and unfortunately many are still living in temporary shelters.  But quilters heard the call for assistance and worked together to send hundreds of quilts to survivors.  I know -- my son and daughter-in-law were in Japan.  We organized groups of quilters for four Quilt-a-Thons and sent 161 quilts. Unfortunately, we continue to see ongoing disasters, such as the recent devastating tornadoes. And quilters have again come together to provide a piece of comfort to survivors.  So during this National Quilting Month, think about what philanthropic  project you can do this month -- make a comfort quilt for a needing child or senior, blocks for our brave veterans, or donate fabric to a disaster relief quilter's project.  That will really make this a Happy National Quilting Month.   NATIONAL QUILTING MONTH In our prior Editor's Note, we asked that all quilters celebrate National Quilting Month by involvement in a philanthropic quilt activity as an act of charity. ( If you missed our article, check out the Editor's Buzz section of QUILT BEE's website at http://quilt-bee.com/editors-buzz ). Now we have National Quilting Month Challenge Number 2: ATTEND AND SUPPORT A LOCAL QUILT SHOW. Many Quilt Guilds create Quilt Shows as a way to raise funds to support the charitable works of their members. Quilt Shows are also a great way for members to show off their latest quilting accomplishments. This month QUILT BEE has been to the Desert Guilds Quilt Show (Palm Springs CA) and Friendship Square Quilt Show (La Habra, CA). QUILT BEE will be at the Glendale Guild Quilt Show this Friday at the Burbank Airport Marriott Convention Center. So carpool with other quilters, family or friends (because gas prices are unfortunately at a high), enjoy a day with others who love quilting, become inspired, and support quilt guilds. Happy National Quilting Month!